How can I convert an object to an array in JavaScript without losing keys?
Ava W
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To convert an object to an array in JavaScript without losing keys, you can use theObject.entries() method to get an array of key-value pairs from the object. Here's how you can do it:


const obj = { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 };

const arr = Object.entries(obj);

// Output: [ ['a', 1], ['b', 2], ['c', 3] ]

In the example above, we have an objectobj with three key-value pairs. UsingObject.entries(obj), we obtain an array of arrays, where each inner array represents a key-value pair from the object. The resulting arrayarr contains the key-value pairs from the object without losing any keys. Now, you have an arrayarr where each element is an array representing a key-value pair. Each inner array has the key at index 0 and the corresponding value at index 1. This allows you to access both the keys and values of the original object. Converting an object to an array usingObject.entries() preserves the keys and their associated values. This approach is useful when you need to iterate over the object's properties in a specific order or perform operations that are easier to handle with an array structure.