How can I convert a JavaScript string to a Blob object?
Davide S
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To convert a JavaScript string to a Blob object, you can use the Blob constructor and specify the string and the desired MIME type. Here's how you can do it: 1. Create a new Blob object:

const blob = new Blob([str], { type: 'mime/type' });

-str is the JavaScript string that you want to convert to a Blob. -'mime/type' represents the MIME type of the Blob, such as'text/plain' for plain text or'application/json' for JSON data. 2. You can then use the resultingblob object as needed. For example, you can create a URL for the Blob using theURL.createObjectURL() method:

const blobURL = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

Note that theURL.createObjectURL() method creates a temporary URL that references the Blob object, allowing you to use it for operations like downloading or displaying the content. 3. If you no longer need the Blob or the associated URL, make sure to release the resources by revoking the URL:


This step is important to avoid memory leaks. To summarize, you can convert a JavaScript string to a Blob object by using the Blob constructor and specifying the string content and the appropriate MIME type. Then, you can use the resulting Blob for further operations such as creating a URL to handle the Blob content.